Which Vacuum Cleaner?

If you do not know where to start with regards to purchasing a vacuum cleaner, we have made life a little easier by explaining everything from the distinction between bagged and bag-less models to exactly what a robot vacuum cleaner is. We have Also considered a whole heap of vacs our-self to assist you in finding out which ones are really worth buying and are the best fit for your home. Types of vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuum cleaners: Those are the most famous models. They are best suited to deep cleans as they are the most strong style of vacuum – the attached rotating brush scoops up dirt from carpet and is usually particularly good at picking up a pet hair.
Even though they come in bagged, bag-less, corded and cord-less versions, upright vacuums aren’t As universal as canister models because of their bigger build – their bulkiness means they are not Ideal for getting in tight spots. But whether you’ve A large house with large open areas or open flat, this is the model for you. Canister vacuum cleaners: Consisting of a main tank and a wand attached through a hose, these vacuums are lighter than vertical models. They are appropriate for cleaning things such as carpets, curtains, sofas and stairs and are the most versatile model, easily getting into tight spots and high corners.

The main tank does follow you round as you clean though which might be annoying if it keeps bumping into tables and chairs. This type can also need more storage space because the wand and hose take up more room. The large tank might mean it is less energy efficient too. Stick vacuum cleaners: Stick vacuums are useful if you have spilt something in the kitchen and wish to clean it quickly. They are light-weight, streamlined and frequently have a detachable manual vacuum for smaller spots. Even though they are good in a hurry, the power does not match up to an upright or canister model and cord-less versions do not have a tendency to hold much battery.

They are most suited to small apartments which are mainly carpet free. But those with allergies or asthma can be better off opting for a bagged version. This way you are not exposed to the dust you have already got rid of again and it is a more hygienic method. The downside to bagged versions though is the on going cost of replacing bags as you dispose of them. Have a look at the bag-less vacuum cleaners we have reviewed to ensure you get one you can rely on. For more vacuum cleaner reviews, visit Appliances Online!

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