Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are the best way to provide extra heat just where it’s needed.

Slim line, portable electric radiators give out a lot of heat and can be used in even the smallest of rooms. They have temperature control so you can get the right level for each room. Some electric radiators can also be wall mounted and have a 24 hour setting so you can control the temperature day and night.

If you have a fireplace you may consider an electric heater which looks like a coal burning fire. These can be freestanding or fitted in to a fireplace, and create a lovely warming glow even without the heat turned on.

All the heaters have different controls such as 24 hour programming, thermostat control and frost setting, so no matter where you need heat, you will find the right one to suit. Browse Appliances Supermarket online for the best electric heater reviews!

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Showing all 11 results